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(Vacant) Director

The Director upholds the Chapter Charter and the chapter by-laws, conducts chapter meetings and coordinates chapter officer responsibilities.

David Hunting

David Hunting Assistant Director

The Assistant Director assists with the the Director’s duties and responsibilities.

Lolly Smith Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for the administrative needs of the chapter including:

  • Keeping the minutes of the general chapter meetings and the annual business meeting.
  • Ensuring that all chapter members are current H.O.G. members.
  • Keeping on file a Release Form of each member signed on an annual basis.
  • Keeping on file a signed copy of the Annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form.
  • Submitting to H.O.G. the H.O.G. Chapter Charter Application and all other reports required by H.O.G.
  • Ensuring that all insurance requirements are met (including participant signatures to required release forms).
  • Ensuring proper completion and filing of injury reports.

Kitty Brown Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the chapter’s finances including:

  • Collection and disbursement of chapter funds.
  • Reporting the financial transactions to the membership on a monthly basis.
  • Submitting an annual financial report to H.O.G.
  • Compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.
Bob Callihan

Bob Callihan Road Captain

The Road Captains are responsible for conducting the chapter’s rides including planning the routes, providing pre-ride information and leading the chapter rides.

Ginger Staab

Ginger Staab Membership

The Membership Officer is responsible for the administrative needs of the chapter related to member enrollment and renewal:

  • Ensures that all chapter members have a current national HOG membership.
  • Enrolls new members into the chapter.
  • Renews memberships.
  • Works with the chapter secretary to maintain accurate membership records.
  • Ensures that each member has a signed “Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release” on file with the Chapter.
  • Completes the quarterly membership change report and submits to national H.O.G.
Amy Hunting

Amy Hunting Activities Director and Facebook

The Activities Officer is responsible for the scheduling, coordination and administration of chapter events.

Jason Hite

Jason Hite Photographer

The Photographer is responsible for taking pictures at chapter events and activities.

Ray Mangini

Ray Mangini Webmaster

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the chapter web site.

Jeff Smith Safety

The Safety Officer is responsible for educating the chapter membership about safe motorcycling, group riding techniques & the Safe Rider Skills program.

Barb Gadus LOH

The Ladies Of Harley Officer is in charge of all LOH activities. She is also in charge of maintaining the chapters facebook page.